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spouses Miškovští

"Thank you for your valuable advice at the beginning of our project which was performed at professinal level, quickly and for the price other individual projects cannot compete with. The following proces was also very smooth as well as the final steps when the designer always had enough time to discuss everything in details. The result was a perfect project documentation for receiving the construction approval. Everything went according to our imagination and we can highly recommend Rakoprojekt to anyone who is looking for highly qualified specialists in the construction field."


Pasive family house Rajské


Jan Lechnýř

"I would like to thank you for your work and confirm that everything works well and as agreed."



Complete reconstruction of family house Rakovník


spouses Macákovi

"We have always dreamed of our own house and thanks to these gentlemen, the dream is about to be fulfilled. They answered all the questions we had and helped with everything. Another thing we really appreciate is a short period in which we received the necessary documentation. We can highly recommend and thank you for your great work!"


Low energy family house Pavlíkov


L. Čížek

"Thank you for the quality of the project and also for handling of all the essential details of our house. Many thanks also for the exhausting communication with the authorities regarding the building permit."


Pasive family house Kolovraty


spouses Skořepovi

"What we really appreciate about Rakoprojekt is mainly the professionality, helpfulness and quickly performed work. Other advantages are the cooperation with energy specialists, geodets, inspection technicians, etc., taking care about the administration with the building office and the construction supervision which was very beneficial and important. We were 100% satisfied with the work of this company."

Pasive family house Lužná


A. Přibyl

"We are really greteful to Rakoprojekt for building our family house. We were definitely satisfied with the quality of work as well as the attitude which was very professional. We can recommend this company. Thank you very much once again."


Low energy RD Čistá



M. Topinka and N. Burdychová

"We were really satisfied with both the smooth process of dealing with the documentation and the whole construction. Thank you very much to all of you and you will be the first one to discuss any further ideas or issues."


Low energy family house Senomaty



Fit Effect s.r.o. – F. Kulštrunk

"Rakoprojekt performed high quality work for our fitness center. Thanks to the consistency, effective communication and excellent customer service we managed the process according to the schedule from precising our requirements to handover of the completed project."


Fitness centre in Central Kladno



K. Vopatová

"The whole team was very kind, flexible and co-operative. The work was quick and all the issues sorted out. The result is more than great and we are happy to live in our own home."


Loft conversion Rakovník



AR Car s. r. o.

"I really appreciate reliable attitude, helpfulness and quick work."


Restaurant including insulation and dehumidifying


MK s.r.o - ing. J. Staněk

"We  found the optimal solution by communicating with each other before starting the project.

Dealing with all the documentation and administration is another important step and it can imply the professional attitude of Rakoprojekt. Thank you and can highly recommned."


Warehouse for tiling and floor tiling



J. Hoffman

"Fair attitude. No extra or side costs. Support during the construction."


Low energy family house Krušovice


Auri energy and property s.r.o.

"I really like the professionality. The positive attitude and the ability to advise were both very useful to find the best solution for us."


Family houses for development in Nové Strašecí


Zewatt s.r.o.

"Thank you for fast work and accurate coordination of the projects in accordance with grant program"


Busines premise to store and sell pellets and stoves


T. Kindl

"I am really satisfied with your work."


Low energy family house in Pavlíkov


spouses Drábkovi

"Building a new house it is always necessary to find the right project. With Rakoprojekt we made a great choice."


Low energy semi-detached house in Šamotka


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