Why low energy house?


  • Low energetic house has consumption lower than 50 kWh/m² per year so you save up to 75% heating expenses comparing to normal construction
  • The experience of our customers show that house with 130 - 150 m² has expenses on heating,  warming water and the operation in total of 1500 - 2500 CZK.  Therefore it's cheaper than flat's expenses!
  • Have a look which materials we are using for low energy standized house and how we are resolving the technicals details:

nsulation masonry Ytong Lambda YQ thickness 45cm -> not needed to use weatherization EPS systems or anything else.

Floor EPS insulation with thickness 16 cm.

Ceiling construction insulation with mineral wool thickness 35 cm.

Ceiling baseplate Isover EPS (perimeter) thickness 7 cm.

Double construction of ceiling:

joints are sealed with strips (airstop), self-supporting grid for gypsum board.

Plastic window and door Vekra Komfort EVO, triple glass fulled with krypton Ug=0,5


Detailed cut of frame window


Detail compactfoam with the window

Ending roof with metal sheets, galvanized eaves with color of roof

Detail of jamb and head: isolation of 5 cm Ytong Multipore

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